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1940 List of spiritual leaders of Jewish communities of Western Belarus

On September 17, 1939 the territory of Western Belarus became part of the Soviet Union, what was the beginning of repressions against the spiritual leaders of all faiths including Jews. By February 1, 1940 there were 387 operating synagogues in Western Belarus. It was around the time when authorities began not only shutting down synagogues and yeshivas, but they started…

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1913 List of Jews who owned hotels and furnished rooms for rent, Mogilev guberniya

At the beginning of 20th century, the hotel business became of one of the fastest growing businesses. It was due to the fact that in large cities and towns population was rapidly growing. In order to run the hotel business, business owners had to purchase a special license.  Jews understood the demand and they started constructing and converting existing buildings…

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100 Jewish Doctors of Western Belarus from 1938

Regardless of how difficult the time were Jewish parents always understood the importance of education and they tried to make sure that their children get the best education possible. In the former USSR in 1929, every third doctor was Jewish. In modern times, about 25% of Nobel Prize in medicine winners are Jews. Below is the list of 100 Jewish…

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1946 List of Polish-born Jews, who returned to Poland from town Lida of Belarus (Part 2)

Lida, Suvalkovskaya Street early 20th century. This is part 2 of the list of Polish-born Jews, which returned to Poland from town Lida. It lists 25 families, which travelled between February 2 and November 30, 1946