About Us

In the spring of 2002, heads of several Belarusian Jewish organizations established the Jewish Heritage Research Group (JHRG) in Belarus. The goal of this JHRG is to create a window into Jewish past of Belarus. We want to take rich Jewish heritage of Belarus off the shelf and introduce it to you. Jewish Heritage Research Group in Belarus – this is local team of historians, genealogists, guides, people who actively interested in the Jewish heritage of Belarus. Since 2002, JHRG has established working relationship with Belarusian historical archives, military and civil archives, synagogues “pincus” archives.

Jewish Heritage Research Group in Belarus is able and happy to help you to trace your Jewish family history from Belarus, to build family tree, and of course, to assist you or your group in accomplishing your dream – visits to ancestral Towns of Belarus. Tracing your family history is a journey of discovery that leads you to explore the lives and times of Jewish ancestors who lived hundreds of years ago – and perhaps even thousands of miles away – in circumstances which are unimaginable today. Retracing the footsteps of your Jewish ancestors will not only bring the past to life, it will also make your home coming the most dynamic and exciting experience of your life.