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The program is as follows: 

1st day:

  • coming to Minsk
  • transfer from the airport to Minsk
  • booking in

2nd day:

  • Minsk-Rakov: Jewish cemetery, the place of burning of 950 Jews, visiting the local museum.
  • Volozhin: the building of Yeshiva (1806), Jewish cemetery, the grave of Rabbi Haim Volozhiner.
  • Radin: the building of the Yeshiva, the grave of Rabbi Chofets Chaim. 
  • Grodno: (overnight stay)

3rd day:

  • Grodno: visiting the Rabbi Shimon Shkop’s grave, Jewish cemetery (1642), the building of the Synagogue and the Yeshiva, ghetto.
  • Slonim: the building of the main town Synagogue with the preserved wall paintings (1648), Jewish cemetery, the graves of Slonim tzadikim, 4 Holocaust sites.
  • Mir: the building of the Yeshiva (1847), the complex of the Synagogues, Jewish cemetery with the grave of shoihet of Yeshiva Mir Rabbi Ieruham Leibovitz, the Holocaust site with the grave of Mir last rabbi, Radzivil’s castle of the 16th century.

4th day:

  • Excursions about Minsk: the building of former Synagogues and Yeshivas, Jewish cemetery, ghetto, Holocaust sites, museum of Jewish history and culture, museum of the great Patriotic War, museum of arts.

5th day:

  • Spending the Shabbat in the main Synagogue.

6th day:

  • Minsk – Dudutki: museum of the Belarusian life of the 19th and 20th centuries in the open air.
  • Lenino: cemetery with the preserved wooden matzeivoth, the place of execution of 2000 Jews.
  • Luban: visiting the yeshiva and the Synagogue of Rabbi Moshe Fainstein.
  • Bobruisk: visiting the places of Jewish heritage (Yeshivas, Synagogues), meeting with local community.
  • Returning to Minsk.

7th day:

  • Minsk – Khatyn: memorial complex devoted to the annihilated Jewish shtetls during the war.
  • Borisov: visiting the Synagogue and Yeshiva complex, the Holocaust site, Jewish cemetery with the grave of Gadol miMinsk Rabbi Iehuda Leib Perelman.
  • Departure to the airport.

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