Jewish Community of Belarus


Kobrin Synagogue Restoration Project

Jewish Heritage Research Group in Belarus  



Buildings in town centre - "Nearly Shagal".
Synagogue, 1993.
Museum "The House of Mark Shagal".
Heder, the second half of XIX century.
The complex of the Jewish hospital, XIX-XX centuries. There are 4 buildings. In one of them there is a station to ambulance. Three the rest belong to kindergarten.
The second half of XIX century. The remains of a synagogue across the street.
The building "Talmud-Torah", part of architectural complex of a synagogue. Today, the building belongs to the sewing enterprise "Vitebchanka".
Jewish buildings on the market square. Today shops and dwelling builldings.
Jewish buildings.
Mikvah, beginning of XX century. Today it's a veterinary clinic.
The Jewish building, beginning of XX century.
The monument of Mark Shagal, sculptor A.Gvozdikov, 1992.
Synagogue of the end of XIX century.

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