Jewish Community of Belarus


Kobrin Synagogue Restoration Project

Jewish Heritage Research Group in Belarus  



Synagogue, beginning of XX century. Nowadays it is being restored.
Synagogue, beginning of XX century. Today it is a boiler technical school.
The Talmud-ha-Torah. Today there is an administrative building.
The house of the Rabbi, XIX century. Today it is a dwelling house.
Jewish school for girls. It was opened in 2004.
Synagogue of the “Perlovs” – 1904. At present moment this building belongs to the Community.
Former Jewish store.
Talmud – Torah of XIX century.
JCC of the Jewish Community. At present moment it is under restoration.
Gymnasia of 1858. The first president of the State of Israel – Chaim Veitzman – attended this gymnasia within 1885 – 1892.
Former Jewish houses.

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