Jewish Community of Belarus


Kobrin Synagogue Restoration Project

Jewish Heritage Research Group in Belarus  



The Chorale synagogue. Today there is a dramatic theatre by name of Maxim Gorky.
Synagogue, XIX-XX centuries.
"Cool" synagogue, XVII century. It was destroyed in 1965. Today there are only bases.
The house of Jewish weddings, XIX century. It is being repaired now.
Yeshiva. Today there is a restaurant "Rakovskiy Brovar".
Synagogue, beginning of XX century. Today it is a dwelling house, a shop and a driver-school.
Jewish building in Minsk.
The Jewish school for girls.
Synagogue, beginning of XX century.
Talmud – Torah, beginning of XX century.
Kitaevskaya synagogue – the end of XIX century. Now it is a museum.

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