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The monuments to the German Jews killed in the outskirts of Minsk from 1941 till 1942.
Two of massacre sites of Jews near a village Malyi Trostenets.
Monument in the memory of destruction of more than 200 000 Jews from Minsk and the countries of Western Europe near a village Malyi Trostenets.
Massacre site of 5000 Jews of Minsk on March, 2, 1942.
Sign on entry to Minsk ghetto.
Execution place of about 5000 Jews from Minsk on March 2, 1942 - “Hole”.
Execution place of Jews from Germany during 1941 - 1942. This place is located on the old Jewish cemetery in Minsk.
The memorial of the Minsk Ghetto victims. It is located on the territory of the former Minsk Ghetto. It was erected in 2008.

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